Philosophy of Management

Volume 11, Issue 3, 2012

A Unique Role for a ‘Philosophy of Management’

Scott MacMillan, Anthony R. Yue, Albert J. Mills
Pages 27-46

Both How and Why
Considering Existentialism as a Philosophy of Work and Management

In this paper, we examine the intersection of existentialism and management, in particular to illustrate how existential thought offers three key insights to the pragmatic world of work and applied act of management: (1) Existentialism places a primacy upon the individual and the existential self that is continually being formed within the workplace. (2) Existentialism allows for a coherent examination of individual and organisational-level decision making and ethics as an integral part of the philosophy. (3) Existentialism is inherently ‘applied’ and focused on ‘process’ in that it allows for an understanding of the meaning of work.

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