Philosophica: International Journal for the History of Philosophy

Volume 30, Issue 1/2, July//December 2022

Sacha Zilber Kontic
Pages 135-153

Visão do infinito, visão no infinito: a prova ontológica e a distinção entre sentimento e ideia em Malebranche

The present article aims to analyze the relation between the finitude of the soul and the perception of the infinite in Malebranche’s philosophy. We will initially address the relationship that Malebranche establishes between the spirit and God through the simple vue proof of the existence of God, and the subsequent infinitesimal perception that follows from this immediate apprehension of the infinite. We will then turn specifically to the function that the idea of the infinite plays for Malebranchean theory of perception. On the basis of this analysis, it will become clear how the infinite is not only perceived by the spirit, but also how it becomes, after the introduction of the notion of intelligible extension, a structuring part of perception.

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