Philosophica: International Journal for the History of Philosophy

Volume 29, Issue 58, December 2021

Recepções do Neoplatonismo

António Rocha Martins
Pages 145-161

Receção do Neoplatonismo em Pierre Hadot

The Neoplatonic reference nuclearly condenses a historically consolidated proposal for the intelligibility of Philosophy. Characterizing the philosophical meaning inherent in the original formation of Neoplatonism, Pierre Hadot develops a perspective according to which Philosophy is equivalent to the existential configuration of texts produced in classical antiquity. In the present study, there are three moments of reflection: 1. the relationship of mutual determination between philosophy and philosophical discourse; 2. Neoplatonism as an articulation and proclamation of the “age of the text”, (exegesis), being formed according to a “textual” teaching method; 3. The fundamental concepts of Neoplatonism, which emphasizes and notes the Porphyry perspective between being as «infinitive» and being as «participle», becoming a historical moment that clearly operates the distinction between being and entity, it is, being as “subject first” and being “without subject”.

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