Philosophica: International Journal for the History of Philosophy

Volume 26, Issue 52, November 2018

Filosofia e Medicina sobre Dor e Sofrimento

Madalena Feio
Pages 127-138

Sedação Paliativa, Perspetiva de Um Clínico

Palliative sedation does not have a universally accepted definition. It is used as a measure of last resort for the control of refractory symptoms in the last days of life. The ethical principles invoked in its use are those of double effect and proportionality. Its prevalence varies according to the place of care, type of study and country. The most frequent indications for its use are the control of dyspnea, delirium and pain. The recommended first line drug is midazolam. The studies performed do not diminish the survival of the patient. It is important that fami­ly support is maintained throughout the process. Several scientific societies and medical associations have defined guidelines that regulate their implementation.

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