Philosophical Inquiry

Volume 43, Issue 3/4, Summer/Fall 2019

Lampros I. Papagiannis
Pages 38-46

Language as a Means of Philosophy
A Comparison Between Greek and Chinese

This paper attempts an investigation to the relationship between the Analects by Confucius (the Lun-Yu), which contains the very core of the philosophy of Confucius and the Chinese language in terms of describing the degree to which the structure of the Chinese language has been beneficial for the evolution of philosophical thought. The idea investigated has its root to the individuality of the Chinese language, which is differently structured compared to the Indo-European languages. Therefore we set to explore how it became possible for this particularity to give birth to original philosophical ideas and thus some comparison examples are used to the Greek language. In other words may we assume that the way one speaks defines the way one thinks according to the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis?

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