Newman Studies Journal

Volume 7, Issue 2, Fall 2010

Vinh Bao Luu-Quang
Pages 75-97

Newman’s Theology of the Economic Trinity in His Parochial and Plain Sermons

This sermon-study—a sequel to a previous study of Newman’s theology of the Immanent Trinity, 1829–1834 (NSJ 7/1: 73–86)—examines Newman’s theology of the Trinity in the economy of salvation. Viewing the mystery of the Incarnation as the Revelation of Theologia in Oikonomia, Newman developed a “theology of glorification” and a “theology of within-ness,” which in turn grounded a “theology of Rest and Peace.” Newman’s Trinitarian theology (1835–1841), which was deeply influenced by the Fathers of the Church, was simultaneously his response to the anti-dogmatic Liberalism that rejected Christ’s divinity and so denied the Trinity.

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