The National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly

Volume 14, Issue 4, Winter 2014

Manfred Spieker
Pages 647-657

The Legal Language of the Culture of Death in Europe

By its central terms, the language of the culture of death sends signals that produce life-accepting associations and at the same time mask its intentions against life. On the one hand, the culture of death includes certain behaviors. On the other hand, it includes those social and legal structures that strive to make killing socially acceptable by camouflaging it as a medical service or a social assistance. The culture of death wants to remove killing from condemnation, so that it is no longer cursed as a crime. In the center of the culture of death is the battle for the legalization of abortion, euthanasia, and embryonic stem cell research. National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly 14.4 (Winter 2014): 647–657.

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