Volume 48, Issue 105, Enero/Junio 2022

Enrique A. Eguiarte B.
Pages 145-188

Ecology in De Genesi ad litteram libri XII

The De Genesi ad litteram constitutes one of the mature works of Augustine, and in spite of the fact that for many years it has remained forgotten, it deserves a place of honor among what are considered to be the great Augustinian works. The present article highlights creation as the work of the Trinity, Augustine’s interpretation of the text of Wis 11:22 in Book IV of De Genesi ad litteram, the relationship between the spiritual sense of Scripture and ecology, the fact that animals are simply creatures, the characteristics of animals that Augustine exemplifies with the fish of Bulla Reggia, the relationship between animals and the four elements, the question of spontaneous generation, the relationship that animals have with the ordo of creation, the mystery of life, the presentation of the seminal reasons or eternal reasons, the superiority of man over other creatures, the mission of the human being to care for and cultivate the world created by God.

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