Volume 47, Issue 103, Enero/Junio 2021

Hans Van Reisen
Pages 145-160

Un ladrón como maestro para los creyentes
San Agustín sobre admirar la creación, la propiedad responsable y el comportamiento sustentable

This article attempts to give an answer from the Augustinian perspective to the question of ecological sustainability, starting from the admiration of Saint Augustine for creation, and taking as reference points, first of all, Saint Augustine’s ideas on property. private and his own monastic ideal, as these are expressed in the Praeceptum as well as in sermons 355 and 356. The second source for the sustainability is the one concerning the relationship that the human being should have with all the created things, taking as point of departure Augustine’s De Genesi aduersus manicheos, where the human being is presented as an administrator of God’s goods and not as an owner who can abuse of them.

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