Kilikya Felsefe Dergisi / Cilicia Journal of Philosophy

Volume 7, Issue 2, 2020

Volkan ÇifteciOrcid-ID
Pages 169-182

The Significance of Time, Being and Transcendence on the Road to the Heideggerian Authentic Self

This paper attempts to reveal the meaning of Heideggerian self on the basis of time. In the course of this, it examines Heidegger’s following terms: time, the self, the world and Being. In the present paper, the notions of anxiety, death, the call, freedom, transcendence, resolution and temporality (time) constitute a frame for articulating the meaning of the authenticity of Dasein. The road to the authentic self is challenging since it is not something already given; rather, the self is something to be accomplished. Dasein must accomplish it by making life its own. To achieve this, the elaboration of the meaning of “the Being of beings” in the exploration of Dasein must be the first step. For it is Dasein who can give an answer to the question of the meaning of “Being”.

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