International Corporate Responsibility Series

Volume 3, 2007

Controversies in International Corporate Responsibility

Betty Dee Makani-Lim, Felix Chan Lim
Pages 145-172

Corporate Responsibility as a Strategic Element in the Systemic Approach to Sustainable Community Health Care

This paper presents the critical role of corporate responsibility in the sustainability of health care programs in lower income communities mostly located in the rural areas. The Leaders for Health Program (LHP)—a tri-partite partnership between the Philippine Department of Health, the Health Unit of the Ateneo de Manila University Graduate School of Business, and Pfizer Philippines, Inc.—is an innovative approach focusing on health promotion and education as the cornerstone for community development. LHP adopts a systemic and comprehensive approach that takes into consideration all the major stakeholders in health, especially in rural communities. This paper aims to support the viability of education as the main catalyst for community empowerment and self-sufficiency.

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