Proceedings of the International Association for Business and Society

Volume 18, 2007

Proceedings of the Eighteenth Annual Meeting

Carolyn Erdener, Pedro Gabriel Márquez Pérez, Joaquin Flores Mendez
Pages 15-20

Cultural Perspectives of Managerial Ethics and Corruption

International business enterprises face a number of ethical issues when conducting business in unfamiliar parts of the world, especially in places where corruption is deeply rooted. This is the situation in Latin America - a highly heterogeneous region characterized by cultural complexity, inconsistencies, and contradictions at multiple levels of society, with implications for business ethics that are potentially as troubling to outsiders as they are opaque. We briefly indicate the relevant academic literature on this subject, noting that studies of business ethics in Latin America are surprisingly sparse, fragmented, and uneven in comparison with the abundance of published research on business ethics and values in other world regions. Given the importance of Latin American markets, production capacity, raw materials, and economic growth, we identify this situation as a challenge and opportunity for business ethics researchers. Examination of these issues contributes new information and insight into the realities of doing business in emerging market countries and is critical on a theoretical as well as a practical level.

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