Proceedings of the International Association for Business and Society

Volume 15, 2004

Proceedings of the Fifteenth Annual Meeting

Duane Windsor
Pages 25-33

The Moral Education of Business Leaders

This workshop session aimed at development of an eventual position statement on how to address the moral education of future business leaders in MBA and undergraduate business curricula. An object of the workshop session was to solicit input and constructive criticism from attending IABS members during the 2004 conference. A position statement would be akin to “An Open Letter on the Moral Education of Business Leaders” (however distributed) analogous and subsequent to the “An Open Letter on Business School Responsibility” (Windsor, 2002) previously circulated. A purpose of a position statement would be to assess and lay out a justification for a combination of independent (i.e., foundational) business and society and business ethics education followed by systematic infusion of business and society and business ethics perspectives into the rest of the business curricula at graduate and undergraduate levels. The task is an important one collectively for ALSB, IABS, ONE, SBE, and SIM.

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