Volume 47, 2019

Fichtes Bildtheorie im Kontext, Teil I

Joao Geraldo Martins da Cunha
Pages 88-101

The Concept of the Image in the Berlin Lectures on Transcendental Logic

In the present paper, i propose, first, to present some aspects of what we may call a type of "phenomenology" of the image contained in the Berlin lectures on transcendental logic – notably, in the second of these courses in Berlin. Second, i would like to return to the problem of the relationship between logic and philosophy, starting from these indications with regard to the "image", and, if possible, outline some parallel with certain theses on the same subject from the Jena years. Finally, in what i consider a novelty concerning these lessons, i would like to conclude my exposition by raising the question of the foundational character of Fichte’s project.

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