Environmental Philosophy

Volume 8, Issue 2, Fall 2011

Philip Rose
Pages 115-140

Spatio-Temporal Facticity and the Dissymmetry of Nature
A Peircean-Based Defense of Some Essential Distinctions of Nature

This is an attempt to work the ground in the philosophy of nature by trying to articulate in a clear and rigorous philosophical sense what Nature is. This will involve pressing the question of nature to the point of essential distinctions in the hope of disclosing conditions that mark Nature as a distinct conception and general mode of being. Drawing and building upon Peirce’s account of “facts,” time and space, and the “dissymmetry” of nature, I will suggest some ways in which the essential distinctness of Nature can be framed. I will end by offering a parting glance at some of the implications that might follow from the distinctions constructed.

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