Dialogue and Universalism

Volume 33, Issue 1, 2023

Charley Mejame Ejede
Pages 37-57

Philosophy and African Sapiential Tradition
Giving Voice to Wisdom and the Conceptualization of Traditional African Society. Part II

In the first part of our considerations we show how, according to Senghor, going back to the source is necessary to discover the richness of African languages and their philosophical significance. It is an effort which will enable the African to be in harmony with his/her history and the cardinal values found in the original Africa. Identity awareness must push us to lay the groundwork for the African philosophical creation found in African languages themselves. In this paper, the second part of our considerations, we are going to revisit the kiluba language. Besides, we are also going to look at the seSotho language, the language spoken in the Southern part of the continent of Africa. The major interest of this article therefore is the openness to the treasures of African thought via its linguistic corpus.

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