Dialogue and Universalism

Volume 32, Issue 2, 2022

Two Problems of Digitilization—Virtual Negotiations and 4th Space

Mykola M. ChursinOrcid-ID, Iryna M. Siliutina, Olha O. Smolina, Maksym O. Petrenko
Pages 141-158

The Alienation Phenomenon and the Communicative Model of the Human Society Evolution

The aim of this work is to consider individual symptoms and areas of alienation in the history of mankind and in the modern information society, and the disclosure of its logic and patterns. Methodologically, the study is based on the historical, information and cybernetic approaches. The paper points to a positive feedback between the amount of knowledge in alienated form and figures of society, the development of its comprehensive intelligence. New forms of exclusion, which exist in the form of artificial intelligence, robotics, and global computer networks, are analysed. The findings suggest a communicative model of the interaction of mankind with man-made external memory, which describes a non-linear process of communicating to it all human knowledge and intellectual abilities. It is emphasized that the contradiction between man and the material world created by him is the main contradiction of modernity.

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