Dialogue and Universalism

Volume 14, Issue 5/6, 2004

Warsaw Uprising 1944: Part One

Stanisław Nałęcz-Komornicki, Agata Trzcińska
Pages 243-246

History and Historiography of the Warsaw Uprising

A progress report on studies around the Warsaw Uprising, an issue which mainly for political reasons was a taboo for the past four decades. The few studies that did come out in that time were either incomplete owing to the lack of reliable source material, or presented a false, distorted picture of the events upon insistence by the state authorities, who had no interest in revealing the truth about the insurgency. Even now, democracy permitting access to many once secret files and documents, research into the events of 1944 is far from satisfying. In this knowledge, the author appeals for an indepth investigation of all reliable sources in a quest for the truth about the Warsaw Uprising.

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