Business and Professional Ethics Journal

Volume 41, Issue 1, Spring 2022

Shireen Musa, Pradeep Gopalakrishna
Pages 115-137

The Role of Compassion and Sustainability Awareness on Fair Trade Fashion Consumption with Internet Engagement as a Moderator

This study focuses on the role that a) Compassion for Oneself, Others and the Environment (COOE) and b) Desire for Sustainability Awareness (DSA) have on Fair Trade Fashion Consumption (FTFC). The newly derived COOE and DSA constructs help us understand how emotions of compassion and the desire for sustainability awareness may influence consumer behavior. Online surveys were distributed consumers who shop at Fair Trade clothing companies and consumers shop at conventional clothing companies. The sample size for this study is one hundred and twenty-nine, N=129. Results were analyzed through correlation and multiple regression. It was found that COOE and DSA are positively related to FTFC. In addition, Internet Engagement (IE) functions as a moderator for the relationship between DSA and FTFC.

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