American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly

Volume 83, Issue 2, Spring 2009

Charles G. Nauert
Pages 279-290

Humanist and Critic
A Review of Collected Works of Erasmus, Volumes 35 and 36 (ed. John N. Grant) and Volume 45 (ed. Robert Sider)

Erasmus’s Adages were among his most influential works in his own time, particularly later editions, which included both Greek and Latin. In the adages included in volumes 35 and 36, Erasmus criticizes secular and ecclesiastical life, commenting on topics such as war, reform of the church and spiritual life, and the corrupting effects of the relentless pursuit of wealth and power. Erasmus aims his narrative and commentary in Paraphrase on the Gospel of Matthew (volume 45) at a general educated audience (rather than professional theologians). Together, these volumes provide readable and accurate edition of Erasmus’s work and helpful special indexes.

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