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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 72, 2018

Social Philosophy

Vera Zhilina
Pages 165-169

Philosophical Analysis of Socialization of Person

Socialization remains a serious and urgent issue for present phi-losophy. Present history is a mixture of mentalities and cultures. The significance of the real ratio of the personal and the individual in expanding of social being is constantly increasing. The matter of socialization appears in obtaining experience, drawing into language, the formation of conscious abilities, development of social role, cultural adaptation of a man. At the same time socialization is procedural in the definition of the method of involving the person into social experience. Traditional philosophy offers the following theoretical concepts of the forms of socialization; 1. “The formation” of the man as processing of originally “raw material” (a person is taking an examination to the society all through his life, 2. “Incarnation” as the principle of conformity to the ideal model (a man is indoctrinated), 3. “Existence” as a constant remote perspective of the essence (a person appears as a simple organization in transformation of parts or functions), and 4. “Mirror” as the opening of a bud, but the petals are torn off by society. However, the real processes of socialization should take into account not the interpretation of a man but the essence of a man. This actualizes the analysis of socialization through the regularities of social being.

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