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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 47, 2018

Philosophy of Culture

Валеры Пазнякоў
Pages 255-261

Современная социокультурная динамика
мультикультурный ракурс

Culture includes the following subsystems: the subjective, the active, the evaluative, the semiotic, the mythological images, and the forms of consolidation and transmission of cultural experience. Accordingly, the phenomenon of multiculturalism cannot manifest itself without specifics at all structural levels of culture: the subjective, the evaluative, the semiological, the praxeological, the mythological, the information-communicative, the institutional, and the integrating all the aforementioned subsystems. Thus, we can talk about diversity of cultures, provided that an analyst can identify universal features, applicable to the examination of a multicultural situation in a particular culture.

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