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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 35, 2018

Philosophical Traditions in Latin America

Nohra Angelica Barrero Zabaleta
Pages 11-14

Reflections on the ‘Loss’ of Reading and the Disappearance of the Book

This document aims to describe how the studies and statistics on the low literacy rates among students are basically determining quantitative aspects, but have abandoned that original principle; that reading is simply a way to become more human self-knowledge, of understanding and changing realities, which should be emphasized in the literacy practices. The product of this research will be used to improve the practices of these subjects in college, and may be useful as a reference in institutions providing such training. For this study we identified the results of reading practices made in college and in other Latin American countries as well. The idea of developing the subject stems from studies conducted by the Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Colombia, as well as those obtained through surveys and statistics compiled by various Colombians and Mexicans. In this paper, research was a non-experimental, but more descriptive and formative. It has a look of what was studied in this field, the methodology used to do, some results, and analysis.

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