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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 5, 2018

Business Ethics

Nur Yeliz Gülcan
Pages 47-50

Application of Aristotelian Virtue Ethics to Business Ethics

In the history of philosophy ethics has an important place. Many ethical areas appeared under the name of Applied Ethics. Applied ethics examines the particular ethical issues of private and public life. Business ethics is one of the important branches of applied ethics. The subjects of business ethics are some ethical principles and moral problems that arise in a business environment. Therefore, business ethics can be described as an appeal to philosophical considerations in facing the ethical problems that confront business. Business ethics is related to people’s action in business arena. Business ethics is a philosophical study that includes both descriptive and normative standards and tells how people should act in business life. In this study, I will try to show the philosophical basis of business ethics. I believe that business ethics is a philosophical discipline. My aim is to show the relation between business ethics and virtue ethics; especially the application of Aristotelian virtue ethics to business ethics. In doing this, I use Aristotle’s virtues as the framework for business ethics.

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