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Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 37, 2008

Philosophy of Education

DongKai Li
Pages 385-401

根据最新的本体论和认识论, 我们应该有怎样的教育理论

As per my new theory in ontology and cognition, the theory of education could be demonstrated. My this paper is to demonstrate the theory of education as per my new ontology and cognition. Following is my new theory in ontology and cognition: New ontology: The Onto is the uniform contradiction being. The essence of people: The uniform contrast body within people’s body, is “ego and nonego. “New Cognition: Cognition course moves by the force from the contrast between the Ego and Nonego within an exist being live body. Following is the Cognition move course way : “EGO” + “Nonego”→→ Force to move (N times)→→ Feeling(N times)→→Idea (N numbers) + thinking (N times)→→Knowledge (N numbers) ≈ Object →→ = Object As per above new ontology and cognition, Theory of education is demonstrated in my this paper.

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