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Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 21, 2008

Philosophical Hermeneutics

Juan Manuel Navarro
Pages 131-141

Ontología, Hermenéutica Ironista y Comunidad

The metaphysical-epistemological paradigm has ceased to be of actuality in contemporary culture. This does not mean that its falsity has been shown. Such an affirmation would imply that there is something like the truth, from which now, finally, the inanity of this paradigm can be claimed. The Rortian hermeneutics, with his pragmatic-ironic character, cannot justify this consideration. Taking into account Rorty’s criticism to ‘Platon-Kant canon’, and after analysing the Rortian ironic canon, and focusing on Rorty’s pan-relationism theory, I will discuss in this contribution whether there are or not some ontological suppositions in Rortian hermeneutics. I will situate in the middle of this debate the contingency and freedom categories with the background of Gadamer’s hermeneutical ontology. The projection of this theoretical debate on the political space of contemporary advanced democracies will show the practical-political importance of hermenutics.