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Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 19, 2008


Rolf Elberfeld
Pages 189-196

Transformatitve Phänomenologie Neue Denkwege zwischen Asien und Europa

The approach of a "transformative phenomenology" was won from a comprehensive analysis of Asien philosophies. In most Asian philosophies the knowledge about life is not only a descriptive one but rather a transformative knowledge. This means that the analysis of the life changes and realizes our life in a new way and transforms it from within. It is tried in using the approach of eastasien philosophies as an startingpoint to deepen and transform certain trends of phenomenology. Going beyond a "descriptive" and "hermeneutical phenomenology" a "transformative phenomenology" is proposed in which the process of its own execution will be a constitutive element of the method itself. The analysis of phenomena isn't longer an act of pure objectivation but a transformation for my perception and existence. The transformation which is performed by the phenomenological work is in this way always connected with my way to live. In the work I encounter my own experience with all possible consequences which an intensive meeting can have. Phenomenology don't mean any longer to describe phenomena as a "pure spectator" but transform myself as a process of Bildung within the encounter with my own social, bodily and thinking experience.

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