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Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 6, 2008

Buddhist Philosophy

Miao Zi Jini
Pages 299-303

李佩华论著选篇 —佛教对太空的认识和宇宙责任

1, Li pei hua is my teacher, this is discussing to him the introduction. The content is Buddhism to the outer space understanding and the universe responsibility. 2, Li pei hua thought that Buddhism's understanding is includes: Outer space spatial structure; Time cycle; With has other star person and so on six kind of imagination. Its content is very rich. 3, Li pei hau thought that Buddhism advocated not only relieves Earth's disaster, moreover must relieve the universe the disaster. Is ultra humanitarianism. 4, Li pei hua also proposed that to humanity's outer space development, must treat dialectically, must prevent, the earthman to the outer space environmental pollution and the destruction, with kills other star biology. Must consider that the outer space crowd attacks brutally to the Earth. The advocate security space environment, carries forward the Buddhism spirit, this is person's universe responsibility.

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