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Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 4, 2008

Approaches to Philosophy

Aleksey Gromov
Pages 53-58

Rethinking the Subject of Philosophy
Leo Lopatin's Concern

конецформыначалоформыLeo Lopatin (1855-1920) elaborated the distinct and proved views on the subject, methods and tasks of philosophy. In this paper Lopatin's definition of the subject of philosophy is reviewed and his method of reasoning is shown. As Lopatin proves, philosophy has to be knowledge of the actual nature of things in their independent reality and in their internal attitude and interrelations; it is knowledge of the actual world. The exact and clear understanding of the subject, methods of philosophical knowledge is necessary for any scientist-researcher working in the field of philosophy, ethics, and psychology. It might be useful for a researcher in the field of natural sciences as well. Philosophy should have an independent position among other sciences and it differs from theology that allocates belief in the isolated and unique source of knowledge. Lopatin's example, who shows how one can distinguish philosophy from theology, poetry, art reflections of a writer, inspires everyone who tries to answer "eternal questions" of knowledge.

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