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Teaching Ethics


published on July 29, 2015

David J. Burns, Pola B. Gupta

Ethics Integration across the Business Curriculum
An Examination of the Effects of the Jesuit Approach

In response to recent lapses in business ethics, ethics have become integral components of the curricula of most business schools. The effectiveness of these attempts, however, is in doubt. The objective of this study is to examine the effectiveness of one form of ethics integration by exploring whether business students attending Jesuit universities differ in their perceptions towards ethics and social responsibility from business students attending state universities. It is hypothesized that students at a Jesuit university more strongly believe in ethics and social responsibility than students at a state university. Interestingly, the results were opposite of those hypothesized. The results seem to suggest that even when ethics are incorporated throughout a university curriculum (not just in the business school), it does not appear to be effective. Indeed, the results seem to support research which suggests that ethics instruction may have an effect opposite of that generally believed.

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