Teaching Philosophy

Volume 38, Issue 3, September 2015

Anthony Ferrucci
Pages 307-319

Recent Texts in Logic

In this review, the relative strengths and weaknesses of four recent logic books are presented. This review is organized thematically, where each text is examined under the following metrics: aesthetic qualities, organization, accessibility, problems and exercises, student resources, instructor resources, and price. Instead of examining each textbook one at a time, a comparison by category showcases each book’s prominent features and themes within that category. Attention is also given in this review to the needs of logic students at the junior college level, whose diverse backgrounds increasingly factor into textbook decisions. Selecting a logic textbook can seem especially daunting given the abundance of choices on the market. Instructors are increasingly forced to select a textbook with numerous, and even competing, considerations in mind. This review intends to make the often difficult process of selecting between new textbooks on the market a little bit easier.