Studia Phaenomenologica

Volume 4, Issue 3/4, 2004

The Ocean of Forgetting

Gabriel Liiceanu
Pages 16-64

The Notebooks from Underground

The article leads us through the life story of Alexandru Dragomir, starting from his early years as a student of Heidegger's in Freiburg and all through the communist period, which for Dragomir meant the impossibility of openly practicing philosophy. However he never gave up his private endeavours with philosophy; instead he practiced it “underground”, revealing the results of his thinking to very few close friends. The second half of the article deals with Dragomir's intellectual portrait: the Heideggerian heritage, the task of thinking, time. As he never actually published anything, it was only after his death that his friends discovered his notebooks, which are now being gradually published at Humanitas Publishing House.