Studia Philosophica

Volume 68, Issue 2, 2021

Maroš Matiaško
Pages 29-46

Vulnerability in Discussion
Scepticism and a Possible Way Out

The paper explores the concept of vulnerability in the context of critical and feminist political philosophy. In contemporary political philosophy, it is a concept that has been subjected to critique but also to attempts at rehabilitation. And it is the presentation of this critique and the arguments that respond to this critique that is the aim of my paper. This is reflected in the structure of my paper, as it is divided into two topical parts, the critical and the rehabilita­tive. The article is in some ways specific in that I complete the philosophical discussion with examples from real human rights practice where the concept of vulnerability is commonly used. In concrete, mainly the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights. These practical examples help to demonstrate not only the real problems of applying the theoreti­cal concept, but also, its promises for the future.