Studia Philosophica

Volume 68, Issue 2, 2021

Sonja Špačková
Pages 7-28

The Dispute over “the Being and Non-being of German Philosophy in Bohemia”

The article presents the central theme of the controversy, which consisted mainly in the question of the meaning of the academic philosophy for modern Czech culture, and at the same time presents this dispute as a metaphilosophical discussion about the meaning and roles of philosophy in society in general. On the basis of Čupr’s comprehensive anthology and contemporary periodicals, the paper attempts to capture the development of the issue in all its complexity, namely from an initial philological point of view, when the inadequate linguistic apparatus of the Czech language is noted, through the subsequently discussed question of the form and inspirational influences of the emerging Czech philosophy, which finaly resulted in a dispute of the supporters of the school German philosophy with the util­itarian position of common sense.