Studia Philosophica

Volume 64, Issue 1, 2017

Jiří Gabriel
Pages 65-73

Twenty Years W ithout Lubomír Nový

First, I have to mention a medallion of Josef Zumr for Luboš's sixtieth birthday, published Filosofický časopis in 1995, as a proof that our former head of the department was respected not only by philosophers from Brno. Luboš was born in the same year as me, but managed to finish his secondary school studies one year earlier. So it happened that in 1950 I met him at the Faculty of Arts as an assistant professor (in his lecture on ethics); and he met me as one of his first philosophy students. Since we worked at the same department since, and we were meeting not only as colleagues, but also as friends outside the university. What remains unforgettable are for instance our tours to the Slovak cottage to visit Pavel Pácl where I was fortifying my knowledge of how naturally Lubos could be an excellent companion in such an environment (not just during card games, but even when we tried to contribute to the maintenance of Pavel's cottage and its preparation for the winter). I tried to say a few words about Luboš's relation to the family to which he was born, to his own family, to his native region, and indeed about Luboš as a teacher who was popular and esteemed among all students. Unfortunately, it had to come eventually to the words of admiration for his valiant struggle with a disease that eventually succumbed