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Studia Philosophica

Volume 63, Issue 2, 2016

Markéta Ledvoňová
Pages 27-37

A Galilean Theory o f Rationality
Maurice Finocchiaro’s Interpretation

The last four centuries have seen unceasing interest in the studies of Galileo’s sci­entific method. In 1980, Maurice Finocchiaro presented an unusual interpretation of Galileo as a logician and formulated a new theory of rationality based on a detailed analysis of Galileo’s Dialogue. The paper gives a brief overview of the macroscopic features forming the galilean rationality suggested by Finocchiaro. The first part deals with the so-called dialectical methodology consisting of balancing decisions between different (even opposed) approaches toward the scientific problems. The second part is concerned with the most important part of the galilean rationality, i.e. the logical reason­ing. The third part presents the indispensable role of nonlogical features in the scientific communication.

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