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Studia Philosophica

Volume 59, Issue 2, 2012

Jan Zouhar
Pages 81-88

Rádl’s Consolation from Philosophy on the Pages of the Christian Review

E. Rádl along with the protestant theologian J. L. Hromádka were the initiators and co-editors as well as prolific contributors to the philosophical and theological Christian Review. When Consolation from Philosophy, Rádl’s philosophical testament, was pub­lished in 1946, a number of evangelic authors reviewed the work in Christian Review: the theologian Amedeo Molnár, the historian Otakar Odložilík, and the philosopher Božena Komárková. Molnár focused on Rádl’s philosophy of history and compared it to the conception of the Swiss religious socialist and theologian Leonhard Ragaz. Otakar Odložilík commented on Rádl’s view of the future of human scholarship and intelligence and found marked resonance with the views of Rádl’s contemporary, the Dutch historian Johan Huizing. Komárková’s critical notes dealt with the metaphysical and moral problems contained in Rádl’s book. She praised Rádl’s success in revealing questions concerning the roots of human civilizations, shattering existing certainties and giving impetus for their new analysis.

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