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Studia Philosophica

Volume 59, Issue 2, 2012

Zdeněk Kochtík
Pages 21-30

Master and Slave Attitude Towards Suffering and Nietzsche’s Tragic Critique of Morality

This article concerns the relationship between Nietzsche‘s concept of Master and Slave morality, and his tragic thinking. I suggest that the roots of the former can be traced back to Nietzsche‘s early period, specifically to the concepts of the Aryan and Semitic sin. My aim is to show that in his thinking, Nietzsche draws a sharp distinction between the moral (which he condemns) and the tragic (which he affirms) understanding of life. After a brief explanation of these two concepts, I turn my attention to Nietzsche‘s critique of Christianity. In his view, Christianity is the ultimate anti-tragic view of the world and as such, he considers it the deepest and most dangerous attempt at a moral interpretation of life.

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