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Studia Philosophica

Volume 57, Issue 1, 2010

Ve službě filosofii Na počest Jiřího Gabriela: In Service of Philosophy. In Honor of Jiří Gabriel

Josef Šmajs
Pages 169-176

The Phenomenon of Technology

The article is based on evolutionary ontology and deals with the basis of technology, two branches of technological development, the process of evolution of technology and a little known problem of the compatibility of biosphere with the sphere of technology. The author claims that technology is a way, procedure or algorithm by which man uses and controls living and non-living natural processes, structures and powers for their own cultural purposes. The tool, the machine and the automatic system are considered to form the evolution of abiotic technology. The first stage of biotic technology is considered to be hunting and gathering, the second being planetary spread of agriculture, animal keeping and breeding. The third phase consists of modern biotechnologies, cloning and genetic manipulation. At the end the author points out that technology is the most active anti-natural subsystem of culture, is incompatible with living nature, suppresses it and irreversibly damages. As it absorbs new structural information, though, it could form, in a regime of bio-friendly culture, an efficient way of reducing the current ecological crisis.

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