Studia Philosophica

Volume 57, Issue 1, 2010

Ve službě filosofii Na počest Jiřího Gabriela: In Service of Philosophy. In Honor of Jiří Gabriel

Helena Pavlincová
Pages 125-138

From J. L. Fischer´s Letters to Otokar Fischer

The essay has been inspired by Jiří Gabriel’s interest in the work of the philosopher and sociologist J. L. Fischer (1894–1973). The author presents the letters that Fischer addressed to his university professor Otokar Fischer (1883–1938) from December 1919 to August 1933. The correspondence, saved in the Literary archive of the Memorial of National Literature, proves a friendly relationship between both thinkers and discloses their inner world and literary work. It enables the reader to get to know J. L. Fischer’s personality and the circumstances influencing his philosophical development. Fisher among other things describes his publication goals and achievements, professional career, philosophy, work in the edition of Index and his personal life.