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Studia Philosophica

Volume 57, Issue 1, 2010

Ve službě filosofii Na počest Jiřího Gabriela: In Service of Philosophy. In Honor of Jiří Gabriel

Rudy Krej·í
Pages 83-98

A Confession of an Old Philosopher

The essay recapitulates the life and career of Rudolf Krejčí, a Czech–American philosopher, born in south Moravia. Krejčí left for exile in 1949, first to Austria and in 1958 to USA, where he has been living for 52 years, 42 of which in Alaska. The essay reminds of the basic dates of his life, places where he has lived, schools where he studied, jobs that he has had and his work at the University of Alaska, where he founded the Department of Philosophy and Humanities. He has brought up 15 000 students there, held important academic functions and done philosophical research in philosophy of science and ethics. He has also lectured in Canada, England, Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Italy, Greece, China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

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