Studia Philosophica

Volume 57, Issue 1, 2010

Ve službě filosofii Na počest Jiřího Gabriela: In Service of Philosophy. In Honor of Jiří Gabriel

Ivana Holzbachová
Pages 59-67

Voltaire’s Concept of Religion

Voltaire criticized clericalism and religion. Not religion per se, but its superstitious forms. He found those in nearly all religions known to him (except for Chinese religion). Christianity became the focus of his interest. However, even the worst religion was, according to Voltaire, better than atheism, accompanied by a loss of the sense of moral value. Voltaire tried to design a new form of religion – deism. It meant respect for the supreme being, which is in its totality beyond human comprehension. We know, though, that the supreme being provided nature with eternal laws and us with reason and moral sense, which are necessary requirements for the existence of cohesive society.