Studia Philosophica

Volume 56, Issue 1/2, 2009

Jan Zouhar
Pages 69-73

Jan Patočka and Kosík’s Dialectics of the Concrete

Kosík’s work Dialectics of the Concrete (1963) attracted great attention both in Czechoslovakia and abroad. Jan Patočka was among those who responded to the book in 1960s. One of the reasons for his interest was the fact that Kosík used elements of Heidegger’s philosophy to overcome dogmatic Marxism. Patočka pointed out that Kosík had not adopted the ontological intention of Heidegger’s analyses of everydayness, which creates a certain tension in his work. Kosík’s dialectics of the concrete, which stems from an analysis of everyday practice, never became, in Patočka’s opinion, a dialectic of real life.