Studia Philosophica

Volume 56, Issue 1/2, 2009

Helena Pavlincová
Pages 59-67

Karel Vorovka’s Way to American Philosophy

This year it is 130 years since the birth and 80 years since the death of Karel Vorovka (3/2/1879 – 15/1/1929) as well as 80 years since the publication of his American Philosophy. The author shows the way that led Vorovka to this work: his strong orientation to western thinking, his attendance at the 6th international philosophical congress taking place at Harvard University in Cambridge near Boston (13–17/9/1926) and his personal and professional relationships with Anglo-American philosophers. It presents Vorovka’s “trip reports” from American meetings and the results of his studies: reviews of some Harvard philosophers’ works (R. B. Perry, W. A. Hocking, C. I. Lewis) and journal articles on American neo-realism, personalism and behaviorism, which were eventually included in his American Philosophy.