Roczniki Filozoficzne

Volume 71, Issue 3, 2023

Stefan KonstańczakOrcid-ID
Pages 93-113

Zbigniew Jordan’s Contribution to Supporting Contacts Between Polish Émigré Philosophy and Philosophy Developed in Poland

The author presents little-known facts from the history of Polish science proving that representatives of Polish post-war emigration had a very good understanding of the situation of science in Poland. In philosophy, this situation was exemplified by the contacts of Zbigniew Jordan (1911–1977) with representatives of philosophy active in Poland. For many years, Jordan maintained regular contacts with approx. forty people belonging to the elite of Polish post-war philosophy and sociology. His friends and correspondents included, among others, Jan Łukasiewicz, Rev. Józef Pastuszka, Tadeusz Czeżowski, Maria and Stanisław Ossowski, Tadeusz and Janina Kotarbińscy, Adam Schaff, Leszek Kołakowski, Jan Szczepański, Andrzej Grzegorczyk, as well as Polish emigrants employed at Western universities. Owing to these contacts, he was able to achieve two goals at once. First of all, he popularized the achievements of Polish science worthy of commemoration, thanks to which his efforts ensured a close relationship between national and world science. Secondly, he ensured the historical continuity of Polish science, which was not interrupted even by the introduction of communist orders in the country, that boiled down to an attempt at rejecting the entire previous tradition. The author is of the opinion that science is the most important part of culture and for this reason Jordan's achievements should be popularized throughout the scientific community in Poland, as an example to be followed by its young adepts focusing exclusively on careers in foreign scientific institutions.