Roczniki Filozoficzne

Volume 62, Issue 3, 2014

Dariusz Dąbek
Pages 65-84

Cosmological Arguments in Justification a Thesis of the Unity of the Universe

The modern cosmology indicates some manifestations of the unity of the Universe, such as: the generality of the laws of nature, global space-time, the ability to distinguish universal time and the common history, or the close relationship between cosmological parameters and physical constants and the fact of the existence of life. The use of abstraction method and analogue reasoning in the analysis of properties of the Universe allows, without violating the principle of the autonomy of science and philosophy, to reasonably argue the thesis of his nomological unity. On the other hand, in the cosmology some assumptions related to the determination of the subject of the research and enabling the research practice are assumed. These assumptions are founded on a conviction of the constant, independent of time and place, way of functioning of nature. This allows formulating of the invariant laws of nature and extrapolating them to the entire Universe. This practice is justified by the consistency of cosmological models with the observation, the effectiveness of an explanation of scientific problems, the coherence of other fields of natural knowledge and the success of the unification programs and interdisciplinary research.