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Roczniki Filozoficzne

Volume 34, Issue 3, 1986

Filozofia Przyrody

Zygmunt Hajduk
Pages 39-85

An Interrogative Theory of Scientific Inquiry. Part I

The recent return of philosophers to the context of discovery or to problems concerning the rational conduct of inquiry has also spawned an interest in the concept of a problem in empirical science. In connection with this, a new program of the methodology of science is proposed, a program based on an interrogative theory of scientific inquiry* Ideas for this theory were stimulated, from the recon- stuctionistic point of view, by some logical conceptions, regarding the theory of questions, improved by epistemic, imperative or optative operators* Relevant to this analysis are some versions of ero- tetic logic, developed mainly by L. Aqvist, N* Belnap, T. Steel, C.L. Hamblin, D. Harrah, T. Kubiński. Attempts are made to apply this analysis of questions to empirical sciences. In dealing with problems of scientific inquiry in conceptual framework of erotetic logic we have in mind especially standpoints of the following authors: M.Bunge, J. Hintikka, I. Niiniluoto, A.I. Goldman. S. Bromberger, Th.Nic- kles, S.A. Kleiner. The aim of this article is a relatively comprehensive discussion of these standpoints in terms of logic, methodology and epistemology.

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