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Roczniki Filozoficzne

Volume 23, Issue 3, 1975

Filozofia Przyrody

Stanisław Kiczuk
Pages 75-94

Z. Zawirski's Conception of the Logic of Quantum Mechanics

Zawirski was a pioneer of the probabilistic approach to the many-valued logics. Here are presented in a precise ^ay Zawirski’s ideas concerning the conditions of application of many-valued logics. It has been stressed, that Zawirski had built the system of many-valued logic Z which was to be the system of the quantum mechanics logic. He ’’agreed” the system with the calculus of probabilities meant as a ’’tool” to the empiric studies. In this system the mathematical functions on the sum and product of calculus of probabilities have logic function character. Giving credit to Zawirski trial, the other authors’ ideas concerning the quantum mechanics logic have been presented. It has been -pointed out that any sytuation in microphysics that can be described by many-valued logic can also be described in two-valued logic. The author underlines that Zawirski, in agreeing of the theorems of calculus of propabilities on sum and product with the theorems of his many-valued logic system, has shown a great invention in using the x function. This idea can always be used in the formal logic. It has been presumed, that in the formalization of the reasonings really existent in sciences, the important role can have certain parts of so called "philosophical logics”.

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