Roczniki Filozoficzne

Volume 19, Issue 3, 1971

Krysityna Szipanbiruker
Pages 113-126

The Influence of Light and Ions of Heavy Metals on Green Plants

The experiments were carried to examine the influence of light and mercuric ions on green plants. The introductory experiments covered only the observation of dynamics of growth, vegetative propagation and morphology of shoot limbs of Lemna perpusilla Torrey, graft 6609. The influence of mercuric ions on the plant organism during their direct effect and after effect was analysed. The amount of plants and limlbis were estimated as well as dry mass, colour and shape of shoot limbs of cilia. Mercuric ions were administered in the form of molar solution of corrosive sublimate in distilled water. The final concentration of corrosive sublimate in plant cultures varied from 1 X 10-4 M/l to 1 X 10-9 M/l. It was found that: 1 — influence of mercuric ions on cilia depends upon their concentration and upon light conditions. 2 — light has a great influence on the increase of toxicity of mercury for green plants. 3 — plants activate their effective mechanism of protection only in light against the penetration of a poison into living cells.