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Roczniki Filozoficzne

Volume 19, Issue 3, 1971

Włodzimierz Sedlak
Pages 91-112

Quantum Foundations of Motion in Organic World

In biology motion has been studied from the point of view of kinematics. Therefore there came to develop such branches as morphology of organs of motion, physiology of muscles, nerves and bones and also biochemistry of concomitant procesises of motion. The author examines this problem from the point of view of evolutionary biophysics. The starting point chosen here is bioelectronics on a semiconductive characterization of proteins and nucleic acids as well as their piezoelectric properties. It also refers to animal tissues connected with motion (muscular, nervous, osseous) and to plant tissues. On a certain stage of the biophysical evolution piezoelectric properties of organic compounds were produced and then developed further in a tissue structure. Foundations of motion can be already noticed in the molecular dimensions of proteins, DNA and RNA and also of some saccharides in the form of electrostric- tion. Moreover, one has to take into account: termostriction (pyroelectric properties), magneto- and magnetochemistriction, or mechanoChemical processes. The basis phenomena would be quantum ones summing up in tissue — mainly in muscular and nervous tissue and less in osseous one. The biological system examined in the aspect of the evolution of motion serves as a good example of transition from quantum state to mactroquantization. The quantum background of the action of muscles, nerves and bones does not only result from their semiconducting properties but also from microstructures confirmed by electro-microscopy. Structures show evidence of various optical and electrical properties. However, quantum results can be noticed in the slight luminescence of an active muscle or nerve. The action of muscles and nerves seems to be the molsit probable in its electronic aspects as the voltage-current situation in a junction p-n which was stated by Basset and Becker for a bone and recently for a nerve, too. Formation of a phononic wave is the „left side” of striction in piezoelectric systems. Living object is a generator of its own mechanical information, because a phononic wave is a shifting alternate phase of kinetic and potential energy. And the latter causes the release of charges in piezoelectric proteins in phases of compression and decompression. Thus any mechanical information from the environment and the one received as a result of active or passive motion (in higher plants) is a form of electronic disorders of the system. If we consider mean bioelectronic states to be physical plasma we can easily examine some general energetical changes in any living system. And so, a phononic wave connects mechanical energy with electrical one, chemi-dal energy with magnetic one, motion with electromagnetics. The biological system does not work on the base of a thermic machine. Motion is first of all an electronic process and thereby is connected with metabolism. Motion, working on a „quantum” principle, is a mobilizing factor of the system. Life had inserted quantum phenomena of striction characteristic for protein ferroeleotrios between chemical processes of anabolism and those of catabolism. Motion is a basic life phenomenon and contributes to general metabolism of the biological system. Moreover, motion is a basic factor in ithe evolution of life.